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Before I start any project I like to collect as much information as possible, I like to have a clear idea of the business goals and user needs up front to keep myself and the team focused throughout the project.

I use a variety of different techniques to get the answers I need and will spend many hours conducting competitor & user research, trying to collect as much information as I can.

I personally think it’s really important for stakeholders, no matter their department, to be involved from the beginning of a project. I want them to buy into the UX thinking from an early stage and for them to feel like they are helping to shape the products development. To get them involved I like to run a variety of different game storming exercises.

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Analysing the qualitative feedback and quantitative data can often be a fairly time consuming process, but is extremely important.

I like to ensure I keep everything we’ve learnt well documented, making it easy for myself, other designers and stakeholders to find valuable information easily.

I think its important to always keep your feet firmly planted to the ground when working on large projects, by using the data I’ve stored I can easily create achievable goals to ensure we stay on track.

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Arguably my favourite part of any project is getting the sketchpad out and ideating anything and everything that pops into my mind. It’s so easy to get lost in the detail when working on large projects, which is why I think sketching is so important.

As a designer I don’t just want to create good designs, I want to create ideas that challenge the way we think, innovate in all the right ways, and I personally believe the only way to achieve that is to ideate without any thoughts of technical restrictions or business blockers, just create throw away ideas that could lead to something great.

I think it’s also a great opportunity to get stakeholder involvement, allowing them to be part of the process not only speeds up the project but also gives them an even greater satisfaction when the project goes live.

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I’ve always enjoyed the design process, taking basic wireframes and turning them into beautifully designed useable products. Before I start I like to do some brand analysis and mood boarding, this helps me paint a great visual image in my mind before putting pen to paper.

The visual identity can often be one of the key selling points to your brand, the color and tones used can play a huge role on the emotional state of a user whilst they peruse and are often the reason they return. Seeing this first hand has given me a great awareness of its importance and pushed me to always question what I think I know.

I have always strived for perfection and it shows in my final pieces, I take real care in ensuring every pixel is intentional.

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I live and die by testing. I truly believe it is the only way to create beautiful crafted usable designs that users just love to use.

I use a variety of different testing techniques dependant on the questions I am trying to answer. I like to work in an agile way, reducing both design and development effort until we know the product is viable.

I’m lucky enough to work in an organisation that provides me with access to some great testing tools and a large number of willing testing participants, which I use to continually improve the products I work on.

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I’ve always loved the idea of being an all round web designer, knowing I could take a product from the design stage and turn it in to a fully working website has always been apart of my trade I’m extremely proud of.

I’m always pushing myself to keep up to date in the latest tech trends, which I feel has really helped me progress as a designer. Knowing the limitations and capabilities available means I can push my designs to be the best they can be.

Whether it’s a simple rapid prototype or a polished fully functional website with all the bells and whistles, I feel confident I can deliver what ever is required from me either from a client or the business I am working with.

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